Philanthropic Naming Assessment

Philanthropic naming assessment is the practice of valuing and naming facilities or initiatives to honour major donors. By providing a structured framework upon which donor recognition is based, we ensure that you can maximise your opportunities for donor recognition.

This strengthens an organisation’s relationship with its major donors, as well as offering opportunities for tangible recognition of their impact. Aligning naming strategies with campaign goals ensures that gifts are recognised in a consistent manner.

Our service helps universities, hospitals, museums, and other third sector organisations to plan philanthropic naming strategies within a rigorous framework. In turn, our clients are able to make the best use of their opportunities to honour major donors.

Our process for philanthropic naming assessment 

Philanthropic naming forms an integral part of any fundraising campaign, so we work with our clients to ensure that naming strategies are consistent with your wider aims and objectives.


The outcome of this process is the creation of a visual inventory of all spaces and associated programs, as well as recommendations and guidelines on philanthropic naming and recognition policies.

Please see below for a list of our experience in this area.

“John was able to provide us with a clearly articulated strategy and an actionable, specific plan” Christina Collard , St Lawrence River Institute
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Our experience

We have extensive expertise in the valuation and naming of facilities and programmes.

The service is led by Global Philanthropic’s senior consultant, Ibrahim Inayatali, who has managed campaigns at top tier universities, institutions and hospitals in Canada and overseas.

Global Philanthropic has partnered with many international institutions on the valuation and naming of facilities and programs.

Clients include:

  • Australian School of Business, Brisbane;
  • Bow Valley College, Calgary;
  • the Calgary Zoo;
  • Pearson College of the Pacific, Victoria;
  • Peter’s College, Adelaide;
  • St-Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg;
  • University of Ottawa Heart Institute;
  • The YMCA of Greater Toronto.