Perspectives on Philanthropy

The best philanthropy comes about through openness and collaboration, where there is a willingness to share ideas for the common good.  This approach takes time, dialogue and thoughtfulness, values we care about greatly at Global Philanthropic.

We regularly share our ideas and insights into all aspects of philanthropy on our blog, as well as hosting our annual Talking Philanthropy forum.  This event brings together philanthropists, experts and thought leaders from across the third sector for a day of discussion and debate on philanthropy and its impact on our world.

Below you will find a selection of blogs and videos from our CEO Ben Morton Wright, on the subject of strategic giving and its impact.

Wealth Transition

How the upcoming intergenerational transfer of wealth will change philanthropy.

Why endowments are vital – and not just for universities

Put simply, the benefits of an endowment for charities are huge.

But when people talk about endowments, they typically assume that only long-standing, large institutions such as universities attract or merit them.

True, universities have been the most well-known for operating on large endowments – Oxford and Cambridge, for example, had endowments around the £5 billion mark in 2016, while other Russell Groupers followed closely behind: the University of Edinburgh had £300 million and King’s College London, London School of Economics and the University of Glasgow skirted the £200 million mark.

But my experience has shown me that every charity should be thinking about endowments… full article


Traditionally endowments have been the domain of universities, but that's changing

The Cost of Giving

Throughout my professional career, I’ve seen examples of incredible philanthropy around the world.

The reality is, the global need has grown – but the good news is that the wealth has also grown, particularly amongst ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals.

What we are now seeing, particularly in the UK and with the emergence of family offices, is what I regard as the professionalization of giving: smart philanthropists are increasingly seeing philanthropic advisors in the same way as other strategic consultants. They are looking at how they can… full article

Why Engage a Philanthropy Advisor?

The value of quality advice is not limited to making money