Take Your Next Giant Leap – FINZ Conference 2020

Global Philanthropic’s Chanel Hughes and Nick Jaffer will each present at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand’s three-day space odyssey-themed conference.

Developing Your Compelling Case for Support
Wednesday 11:35am – 12:35pm, 7th October
Speaker: Chanel Hughes

You know why you need the donor dollars—and how much—but do you know what will most motivate and persuade your potential supporters to make a significant contribution? Sometimes when creating our Case for Support for major donors, we suffer from the curse of too much knowledge—or worse, not recognising our most moving and compelling stories. It can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae without seeing or communicating the grander vision.

Capital Campaigns: From Planning to Execution to Follow-Up
Thursday 11:05am – 12pm, 8th October
Speaker: Nick Jaffer

As the philanthropic sector continues to mature in New Zealand and greater Australasia, and buoyed by the great success of the University of Auckland, we’re increasingly seeing more organisations looking to leverage the power of a major or capital campaign.

Planning and executing a successful campaign is not business as usual, however. So, how do you know you’re really ready? And what can you to do ensure you achieve not only financial goals, but broader organisational goals?

If you’ve never done a campaign, or even if you’re in a campaign, this presentation will provide you with key strategic and operational takeaways to help you reach the moon!