The Future of Philanthropy

A unique competition for students and young fundraising professionals

We live in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Existing challenges like climate change, income inequality and resource scarcity remain largely unresolved, whilst emerging threats such as political populism, mass migration and nationalism seem to defy our conventional solutions.

What is the role of philanthropy in addressing these issues and building a better world?

We invite you share your thoughts and ideas on “The Future of Philanthropy” in the form of a blog.

The brief is open to interpretation, but must address the role of philanthropy over the next 5-15 years.

The top ten entries will be published on our blog and the winning entry will receive an invitation to our exclusive, invite-only philanthropy event in London, as well as a £500 travel bursary.

“Philanthropy plays a vital role in our world - but where should it go from here?
I invite you to think big and paint a creative and original vision of the future of philanthropy.” Ben Morton Wright, Founder and Global CEO, Global Philanthropic