The arts has a long and proud history of philanthropic benefactors.  From the spectacular workmanship of ancient China and Japan, through the great artistic flowering of Renaissance Europe, and on to the American Robber Barons turned philanthropists, the wealthy and powerful have always encouraged the arts.  Whether for personal vanity or for societal good, the arts are inexorably linked to philanthropists and their support, and despite government funding that remains as true today as ever.

Over the Christmas period BBC Radio 4’s flagship arts program Front Row aired a special show on philanthropy and the arts.  Hosted by Kirsty Lang and interviewing leading cultural philanthropists including Sir Paul Ruddock, Dame Vivien Duffield, Hannah Rothschild, and Lloyd Dorfman, the show also features special comment from our CEO Ben Morton Wright on the challenges and opportunities of philanthropic fundraising for the arts.

You can hear the full broadcast by clicking the player below