Global Philanthropic was founded out of a commitment to spreading the power of philanthropy as a transformative force for good. We work with non-profit organizations and philanthropists around the world to help them fulfil their visions and dreams for a better world for all of us.

About US

Global Philanthropic is a fundraising consultancy that delivers innovative solutions backed by strategic rigour.

Our international network of philanthropy specialists allows us to offer local and regional expertise combined with global best practice, meaning that your vision is fully supported by the latest in fundraising methodology, tailored to your local context. This evidence-based approach is especially powerful when combined with creative delivery, and we have a track record of designing innovative strategies that achieve results.

We advise and support our clients at every stage of the fundraising journey – from major gift strategies and capacity building, to grant-making support and campaign strategy. Since our founding in 2002, our work with our clients has brought billions of dollars into the philanthropic sector worldwide, making a profound impact on the organisations and individuals seeking to make our world a better place.

A short introduction

by Ben Morton Wright, President & Group CEO

Why work with us?

Your vision is at the core of everything we do. We start by working to fully understand your context, then leverage our global and regional expertise to provide tailored solutions that support your aims. We find that our collaborative approach empowers our clients and results in long-standing partnerships that fundamentally increase their philanthropic impact.

Work with Global Philanthropic, and you can expect:


“The advice that we received has certainly been invaluable. I would recommend them to other institutions that are keen to move into Asia fundraising.” Matt Ferguson, Associate Head of Principal Gifts, King’s College London


We are proud of the role we play in building the transformative impact of philanthropy around the world. We seek to build knowledge and expertise in the philanthropic sector and we anchor our work in the highest standards of professional integrity.

“The unique value proposition if you work with Global is the major gift expertise and the best practice.” Mridula Joyner, VP, Philanthropy and Corporate Sponsorships, YMCA of Greater Toronto


Established in 2002, Global Philanthropic has served over 300 clients worldwide. These have ranged from internationally respected health care research and treatment institutions to world-renowned arts organisations to prestigious institutions of higher learning. We have advised foundations committed to tackling hunger, poverty and disease on a global scale and philanthropists seeking to transform how individuals with traumatic injuries and treated and healed.

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